Ageing Makeup Mistakes

A lot of women cover their faces with creams, moisturisers and makeup believing that it will help to cover up our ageing skin and wrinkles. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that if you use these products incorrectly then they are likely to have the opposite effect and they could actually age your skin rather than make your appearance more youthful – read on about the Ageing Makeup Mistakes.

For example if you were going on a night out in your 20’s its fashionable to have long, thick eyelashes and people usually would wear a lot of mascara, but if you are 30+ this look isn’t a look that is likely to suit you.

A middle ground needs to be found so that your makeup gives you a more youthful appearance without you looking like you’re trying to be your teenage daughter. Instead you need to focus on changing the techniques you use.dark eyes

One mistake people make is thinking that by putting a lot of foundation will fill in your wrinkles because in actual fact if you put on too much foundation it will just accentuate any wrinkles or fine lines. A foundation that contains a light reflecting formula is much better suited as its likely to soften lines and wrinkles. Another tip is to apply your foundation with a brush and not your fingertips as this prevents the foundation from settling in your pores or lines.

If you’re in your 30’s or above then your skin is likely to start thinning showing more blood vessels in your skin and black rings under your eyes will appear darker. In your 20’s a good highlighter would solve the problem of dark circles however now it might not do the job as well. A great tip is to mix your highlighter pen with a bit of liquid concealer; this should hide any noticeable blood vessels and also will make your dark circles disappear.

eye linerPeople can age themselves by using too much eyeliner, if you apply your eyeliner fully along your bottom and top eye area then it will make your eyes look smaller and sometimes they can seem very tired looking. Use eyeliner on your top lid only and to apply a small flick in the corner of your eyes to make them appear wider and brighter.

Also as older skin is usually much dryer than younger skin therefore if you put a lot of powder blusher on this will make your skin appear dryer, use a liquid blush instead as this will give a dewy finish and will add moisture to your skin.

Drawing on thick eyebrows also known as a ‘scouse brow’ with a eyebrow pencil doesn’t tend to suit people many people and usually looks less attractive then leaving them au natural especially as you get older. However if there are gaps in your eyebrows that you need to fill in then a powder would be best to use, lighter shades are better to use than darker shades and black should be avoided at all times unless you naturally have black hair and eyebrows.

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