American Idol Fashion

American Idol 2012 has been extremely popular in both the US and the UK this year. Not only do we witness amazing talent on the show but also some American Idol Fashion with the most stunning outfits and amazing jewellery.

Both the judges and the contestants set some fab trends that could often become distracting from the amazing voices! Jennifer Lopez wowed the crowd with a simple but sexy white dress cut just above her knees. Her amazing hourglass figure worked well with the dress accentuating all her curves whilst showing off her glowing olive skin.

Dresses or tops with one sleeve have been very fashionable recently, Elise Testone proved this when she wore a one sleeved dress whilst singing ‘want to know what love is’ she definitely pulled it off looking elegant and classy.

Shannon Magrane wore an outfit to remember when she wore her sparkly lace shorts and blazer and stunned the crowd.

But it wasn’t only the women on American Idol that had everyone gasping when the stepped out onto the stage, the men also made some serious fashion statements such as the skinny tie wore during the performance of ‘decode’ by paramour. Skinny ties are extremely trendy in the men’s fashion world at the moment.

Joshua Ledit also made a fashion statement for only the brave when wearing a fitted black blazer with a gold sequined shoulder whilst performing a song from Mary J Blige. Structured masculine shapes are in, not surprisingly so is gold and sequins so he made the right choice when throwing it all together into one show stopping piece!

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