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  • adele

    It’s a Boy

    It’s a Boy Adele finally gave birth on Friday 19th October to a baby boy, no pictures have yet been posted and we’re still waiting on hearing a name for the newborn but a statement has been released saying the couple ‘are ecstatic and over the moon! Unfortunately along side the fantastic news the couple […]

  • hourglass figure exercise

    Change your Figure to the Hourglass

    The ideal ‘perfect’ body shape that most women wish for is the hourglass silhouette, that’s why so many try and change your figure to the hourglass. Unfortunately there are only very few women that actually have this body shape naturally… on the positive side however it doesn’t mean that it’s not easily achievable for the […]

  • everyday cures

    Everyday Cures for Under £1

    A bad nights sleep happens to all of us every now and again for a multitude of reasons but it’s not an issue we should let bother us, your guarantee a good nights sleep after some cherry juice! lets look at some everyday cures for under £1. At around 90p a carton from most super […]

  • ageing makeup

    Ageing Makeup Mistakes

    A lot of women cover their faces with creams, moisturisers and makeup believing that it will help to cover up our ageing skin and wrinkles. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that if you use these products incorrectly then they are likely to have the opposite effect and they could actually age […]

  • sensitive skin

    How to Prevent Sensitive Skin

    There are 100’s of men and women that suffer from sensitive skin, each being affected by it in a different way such as itching, inflamed skin, blotchy skin or skin becoming flushed – read more on how to prevent sensitive skin. There are also 100’s of different treatments, products and natural remedies that supposedly treat […]

  • big hair

    Big Hair is Back!

    1960’s inspired big hair is back and more glamorous then ever! Backcombing, waves and sex kitten curls are what all fashionistas will be rocking this summer so why not join them and look fabulous too? Having long hair can be fun and allows you and your creativity to go wild when it comes to achieving […]

  • harper seven beckham

    Harper Seven Beckham

    Victoria Beckham gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl name ‘Harper Seven Beckham’. She was born on today at 7.55 am weighing a very healthy 7lb 10oz. Harper is a relatively normal name compared to the Beckhams boys however the Seven was chosen and named after the number her father David Beckham wore when he […]

  • kim kardashian beauty tips

    Kim Kardashian Beauty Tips

    Kim Kardashian always looks amazing with her great figure and immaculate makeup! We’re now lucky enough to find out some of the Kim Kardashian beauty tips, secrets and some top tips from her beauty regime on how she always manages to look so beautiful. Hopefully we will gain some useful facts and be able to […]

  • hair chalking

    Hair Chalking

    Ever wanted crazy colourful hair but just not got the guts or the option to slap on a permanent dye..? Hair Chalking is the answer! Its one of the latest fashion trends at the moment with teens every where achieving the Nikki Minaj inspired hairstyle from their own home. Really there is no reason not […]