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  • green tea

    Why We Should Drink Green Tea Everyday

    Why We Should Drink Green Tea Everyday -Originating from China, green tea is a popular beverage widely used throughout Asia, but do you exactly have the idea how is green tea good for you? Over the years, people have been talking about its health benefits, from preventing cancer to lowering blood pressure. What makes it […]

  • summer hairstyles

    Fashionable Summer Hairstyles

    This summer there are a variety of fashionable summer hairstyles that suit different shaped faces and different summer trends. Lucky for us girls a lot of these summer hairstyles are easily maintained, take little time to do and still look great! One fashionable hairstyle for summer 2012 is the tight scraped back ponytail. This hairstyle […]

  • eye makeup trends

    Hot 1012 Eye Makeup Trends

    Hot 1012 eye makeup trends are all about the eyes; bold, bright, sexy eyes are everywhere on the catwalks and are so easy to achieve. Pastel tones and aquamarine, peacock and turquoise blues are bang on trend complimenting almost any outfit and anyone providing you chose the right shade for you! Paler skin tones can […]

  • flawless skin

    Create Flawless Looking Skin

    We can all suffer from a blotchy, uneven skin tone and dark circles under the eyes from time to time, the question is how to hide/tone down these problems and create flawless looking skin with out troweling on the liquid foundation?! The first step when creating an even skin tone is to take a step […]

  • summer festival beauty tips

    Summer Festival Beauty Tips

    Every year we all hope and pray for glorious sunshine at our favourite festivals and we can’t wait to pack our sexiest wedges, cutest sandals and sunglasses, but lets get some summer festival beauty tips in mind too. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always work in our favour and it’s likely that you will be queuing […]

  • diet

    January Diets

    Have you ever tried one of the much-hyped January Diets as a New Year Resolution to lose weight  and have ended up being disappointed with the results?? It’s a sad fact that every January thousands of women start diets and a large percentage give up often only for a couple of weeks after the diet starts. […]