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  • panel dress

    Panel Dresses

    Recently images of Kate Winslet were posted on the internet of her amazing hourglass figure, this fab figure was flaunted to the max with the new fashion of Panel Dresses. It’s great for accentuating curves and giving the impression of an hourglass figure even your figure doesn’t naturally have a small waist and curvy womanly […]

  • puffer coats

    Puffer Coats

    Not often does the latest Puffer Coats fashion trend have the added bonus of being totally practical! For once style doesn’t mean compromising comfort and more importantly in these cold winter months, warmth! This year there are more variations on the original ‘puffer’ coat style in terms of colours, shape and fabrics than ever. The inspiration […]

  • statement collars

    Statement Collars

    It is now the perfect time to dig out all of the clothes you haven’t worn in a while because you can now turn them into something completely different with this season’s biggest trend, statement collars! It makes any outfit, old or new, look fresh and quirky. The trendy detachable collars look great with almost […]

  • leather look

    The Leather Look

    The Leather Look is everywhere at the moment from on the runways and catwalks to every fashionable high street store! Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and Angelina Jolie have been seen pulling off the leather look amazingly these last couple of weeks, whether you dress it down or up it adds some serious style […]

  • We’re In NetGiant’s Top 50

    Look has kindly been awarded a placement and announced Were in NetGiants top 50 UK websites list! We have gladly accepted the award and now we have an advertisement and dedicated page on the website where you can review and share our website with others that may also like what we do! We […]

  • statement belts

    Statement Belts

    Long gone are they days when belts were made for the single purpose of helping to hold men’s trousers up, in the world of accessories statement belts are the must have for this season, being both practical and stylish you can’t go wrong. Here are the top 5 reasons why statement belts are an essential […]

  • peplum style

    Peplum Style

    As you have probably already noticed this season Peplum Style top, dresses and skirts are huge! Near enough every women’s clothing shop on the high street stock at least one peplum design whereas most shops offer their customers a large variation of different styles and designs. This style of dress was actually extremely popular 30 years […]

  • denim shorts

    Must have Summer Trend!

    Must have Summer Trend! Chic shorts are the new must have this summer trend, unfortunately British summer isn’t always sunshine and warm weather however they can still be worn with tights and a cardi or coat and look fab! They can be worn to work, on a night out or they can be worn casually […]

  • wedges

    Wedges Perfect for Longer Legs

    Wedges are ideal to wear now the weathers getting warmer and summer finally seems to have arrived! Wedges Perfect for Longer Legs, they will instantly make an outfit look more stylish and are perfect for the summer evenings, women of all ages can wear them, plus they are much comfier then almost all other heels […]