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  • Pastel Clothing Trend

    This summer all over the high street you will see pretty Pastel Clothing Trend where ever you shop. The most popular items that seem to be hitting the stores in every pastel shade imaginable are cropped tailored trousers, skinny jeans and figure flaunting blazers along with everyday essential items such as vest tops, t-shirts and leggings. […]

  • mixed media bags

    Mixed Media Bags

    Why stick to one fabric when you could combine them all?! Mixed media bags are huge this summer for many reasons, not only are they bright, bold, colourful and extremely stylish but they will finish off and add some glamour to even the simplest of outfits. Mixed media bags can be found in a range […]

  • pleated skirts

    Pleated Skirts Trend

    Pleated Skirts Trend are great this summer; they’re fun, cute and girly, they can be found all over the high street as well as on the catwalk in various lengths and an array of colours to suit all ages and body shapes. Short pleated skirts in pastel shades are a must for the younger generation […]

  • lace dresses

    Lace Shorts Skirts and Dresses

    Lace Shorts Skirts and Dresses, Lace vests, are big this summer, they instantly give you an elegant, classy feminine look. In the past lace was used only for weddings and special occasions whereas this summer they can and is being worn anywhere and everywhere. However, you do need to make sure you wear it properly! […]

  • dresses

    Midriff Summer Dresses

    How about joining the midriff trend this Summer with Midriff Summer Dresses – it’s all about showing off a little skin! This is huge among the celebrities and spot on for those lucky ladies with gorgeous figures, dainty waistlines or daring divas that can turn heads for fun. Showing off your midriffs will put a bit […]

  • stripes

    Stripes are in for Spring 2011

    Stripes are in for Spring 2011 and this spring in the fashion world it’s all about stripes! They’re everywhere from skirts, socks and even blazers. Thick, thin vertical, horizontal and in an array of colours there is sure to be something stripy out there you just have to have this season but be careful, wearing […]

  • satchels

    Satchel Bags the Trend for Spring

    Satchel Bags the Trend for Spring and summer the vintage bags compliment the girly chiffon and silk fabrics in muted tones perfectly. They are practical and stylish and come in a range of finishes from leather to canvas. Satchel bags can be hand held but almost all of them come with a handy over the shoulder […]

  • Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattinson Heartbreak!

    Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart have been in the eyes of the public since they first starred in the major hit film twilight. This is where the couple’s romance began whilst their on screen characters fell in love, but now its all about the Robert Pattinson heartbreak!. As we all know so did the couple […]