Big Hair is Back!

1960’s inspired big hair is back and more glamorous then ever!

Backcombing, waves and sex kitten curls are what all fashionistas will be rocking this summer so why not join them and look fabulous too? Having long hair can be fun and allows you and your creativity to go wild when it comes to achieving the glamorous bed head look.

Applying mouse to damp hair and teasing the crown will add volume while rollers quickly and easily create lose waves leading to a gorgeous full and natural style.

If you just love the bigger the better look when it comes to hair then start off by blasting hair upside down to lift the roots, using some large barrel curling tongs on the ends will make hair look thicker and much bigger then a straight style. To finish off section the crown and spritz thin layers with hair spray followed by back combing creating full sexy hair.

To create a large bun updo (very popular at the moment) invest in a doughnut, these fab netted rings are placed over a pony tail and then your hair is wrapped around them. To get a neat sophisticated bun wrap hair tightly pinning with grips underneath, for a more messy approach cover the doughnut with lose strands creating a very fashionable very big bun!

For those of you with short hair don’t worry, you can still create volume very easily with some amazing new products on the market. So many salons are now selling a new texturising powder that you sprinkle straight onto the roots, when hair is ruffled through it doubles in volume and goes stiff to the touch keeping hair firmly in its place. It’s a must have if you struggle creating lift at your roots and don’t want to damage your hair through backcombing.

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