Haircare and Hairstyles

  • mixed pastel shades

    Gorgeous Rainbow Hair Dye Ideas

    There are many ways to change the colour of your hair so if you are looking for something a little funky for a night out or a more permanent hair dye then take a look at these amazing examples. Coloured Hair Extensions For a quick and easy way to get the most dramatic look why […]

  • curls and waves

    Longer Lasting Curls and Waves

    How can you create longer lasting curls and waves that WILL stay in without unnecessary heat damage! Soft waves and curls look great this summer, they are classy, elegant and can be extremely flattering for your face shape. However, it can be such a pain trying to find the best way to achieve these curls! […]

  • hair straighteners

    Guide for Buying Hair Straighteners

    Buying hair straighteners can be more difficult then you’d first think there are now so many different types of straighteners and so many different brands it can all be a bit daunting – so lets look on a good guide for buying hair straighteners. Every has their own personal idea of how they want their […]

  • big hair

    Big Hair is Back!

    1960’s inspired big hair is back and more glamorous then ever! Backcombing, waves and sex kitten curls are what all fashionistas will be rocking this summer so why not join them and look fabulous too? Having long hair can be fun and allows you and your creativity to go wild when it comes to achieving […]

  • hair chalking

    Hair Chalking

    Ever wanted crazy colourful hair but just not got the guts or the option to slap on a permanent dye..? Hair Chalking is the answer! Its one of the latest fashion trends at the moment with teens every where achieving the Nikki Minaj inspired hairstyle from their own home. Really there is no reason not […]

  • summer hairstyles

    Fashionable Summer Hairstyles

    This summer there are a variety of fashionable summer hairstyles that suit different shaped faces and different summer trends. Lucky for us girls a lot of these summer hairstyles are easily maintained, take little time to do and still look great! One fashionable hairstyle for summer 2012 is the tight scraped back ponytail. This hairstyle […]