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  • summer smoothies

    Summer Smoothie Recipes

    The suns getting warmer and everyone is excited for the barbeque season but if you are trying to be healthy it can sometimes be very tempting to eat too many foods that aren’t really that good for you, instead why not ditch the ice creams and ice lollies, one thing in particular we all know […]

  • keep hydrated

    10 Benefits of Keeping Hydrated

    Now that summer is here and the weather is warmer it is even more important to stay hydrated unfortunately a lot of people don’t know all the reasons of why it is so important. First of all drinking water is a great way to lose weight, if you drink a lot of water then it […]

  • hourglass figure exercise

    Change your Figure to the Hourglass

    The ideal ‘perfect’ body shape that most women wish for is the hourglass silhouette, that’s why so many try and change your figure to the hourglass. Unfortunately there are only very few women that actually have this body shape naturally… on the positive side however it doesn’t mean that it’s not easily achievable for the […]

  • everyday cures

    Everyday Cures for Under £1

    A bad nights sleep happens to all of us every now and again for a multitude of reasons but it’s not an issue we should let bother us, your guarantee a good nights sleep after some cherry juice! lets look at some everyday cures for under £1. At around 90p a carton from most super […]

  • green tea

    Why We Should Drink Green Tea Everyday

    Why We Should Drink Green Tea Everyday -Originating from China, green tea is a popular beverage widely used throughout Asia, but do you exactly have the idea how is green tea good for you? Over the years, people have been talking about its health benefits, from preventing cancer to lowering blood pressure. What makes it […]

  • diet

    January Diets

    Have you ever tried one of the much-hyped January Diets as a New Year Resolution to lose weight  and have ended up being disappointed with the results?? It’s a sad fact that every January thousands of women start diets and a large percentage give up often only for a couple of weeks after the diet starts. […]