• pleated skirts

    Pleated Skirts Trend

    Pleated Skirts Trend are great this summer; they’re fun, cute and girly, they can be found all over the high street as well as on the catwalk in various lengths and an array of colours to suit all ages and body shapes. Short pleated skirts in pastel shades are a must for the younger generation […]

  • lace dresses

    Lace Shorts Skirts and Dresses

    Lace Shorts Skirts and Dresses, Lace vests, are big this summer, they instantly give you an elegant, classy feminine look. In the past lace was used only for weddings and special occasions whereas this summer they can and is being worn anywhere and everywhere. However, you do need to make sure you wear it properly! […]

  • dresses

    Midriff Summer Dresses

    How about joining the midriff trend this Summer with Midriff Summer Dresses – it’s all about showing off a little skin! This is huge among the celebrities and spot on for those lucky ladies with gorgeous figures, dainty waistlines or daring divas that can turn heads for fun. Showing off your midriffs will put a bit […]

  • stripes

    Stripes are in for Spring 2011

    Stripes are in for Spring 2011 and this spring in the fashion world it’s all about stripes! They’re everywhere from skirts, socks and even blazers. Thick, thin vertical, horizontal and in an array of colours there is sure to be something stripy out there you just have to have this season but be careful, wearing […]

  • Summer Essentials for Real Women

    As summer approaches, shoppers are itching to refresh their wardrobes with the hottest Summer Essentials for Real Women. For women who don’t fit into the glossy magazines’ size 6 stereotypes it can be frustrating when it seems that making “plus size” styles fashionable is pretty low on the high street’s list of priorities. However, thankfully […]

  • satchels

    Satchel Bags the Trend for Spring

    Satchel Bags the Trend for Spring and summer the vintage bags compliment the girly chiffon and silk fabrics in muted tones perfectly. They are practical and stylish and come in a range of finishes from leather to canvas. Satchel bags can be hand held but almost all of them come with a handy over the shoulder […]

  • London Fashion Week Sparks Debate on Body Shapes

    The London Fashion Week Sparks Debate on Body Shapes and further debate this year as stylist Erika Kurihara walked out from Saturdays show. Erika’s departure was apparently a result of the larger than normal models chosen by fashion designer Mark Fast. Mark Fast known for his revealing and somewhat tight Knitted clothes designs, had opted to […]

  • kim kardashian spanx

    Kim Kardashian Spanx

    I don’t know about you, but most people would look at Kim Kardashians amazing curvy figure and think it was absolute perfection. However, Kim unfortunately doesn’t have this opinion about herself, here you can see the Kim Kardashian Spanx. As hard as it is to believe Kim Kardashian has quite a high number of ‘ugly […]

  • american idol

    American Idol Fashion

    American Idol 2012 has been extremely popular in both the US and the UK this year. Not only do we witness amazing talent on the show but also some American Idol Fashion with the most stunning outfits and amazing jewellery. Both the judges and the contestants set some fab trends that could often become distracting […]

  • Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattinson Heartbreak!

    Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart have been in the eyes of the public since they first starred in the major hit film twilight. This is where the couple’s romance began whilst their on screen characters fell in love, but now its all about the Robert Pattinson heartbreak!. As we all know so did the couple […]

  • Jessie j and Stripes

    Jessie j and Stripes

    Jessie j and Stripes and wore them well. The great Jessie J performed at Radio 1’s Hackney weekend recently and wowed the audience in a pair of figure flaunting skin tight black and white stripy pants. Stripes were a must for this season anyway however now even Jessies been seen in a pair you’d be […]

  • celeb mums

    Stylish Celebrity Mums to be 2011 2012

    Looking at the Stylish Celebrity Mums to be 2011 2012 you may think celebs today have it easy with all the extra cash they get they must find it easy to look great all the time whilst being pregnant, mustn’t they? One thing to remember is that no matter how famous they are they are […]

  • adele

    It’s a Boy

    It’s a Boy Adele finally gave birth on Friday 19th October to a baby boy, no pictures have yet been posted and we’re still waiting on hearing a name for the newborn but a statement has been released saying the couple ‘are ecstatic and over the moon! Unfortunately along side the fantastic news the couple […]

  • hourglass figure exercise

    Change your Figure to the Hourglass

    The ideal ‘perfect’ body shape that most women wish for is the hourglass silhouette, that’s why so many try and change your figure to the hourglass. Unfortunately there are only very few women that actually have this body shape naturally… on the positive side however it doesn’t mean that it’s not easily achievable for the […]

  • everyday cures

    Everyday Cures for Under £1

    A bad nights sleep happens to all of us every now and again for a multitude of reasons but it’s not an issue we should let bother us, your guarantee a good nights sleep after some cherry juice! lets look at some everyday cures for under £1. At around 90p a carton from most super […]

  • curls and waves

    Longer Lasting Curls and Waves

    How can you create longer lasting curls and waves that WILL stay in without unnecessary heat damage! Soft waves and curls look great this summer, they are classy, elegant and can be extremely flattering for your face shape. However, it can be such a pain trying to find the best way to achieve these curls! […]

  • ageing makeup

    Ageing Makeup Mistakes

    A lot of women cover their faces with creams, moisturisers and makeup believing that it will help to cover up our ageing skin and wrinkles. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that if you use these products incorrectly then they are likely to have the opposite effect and they could actually age […]

  • natural skin remedies

    Natural Skin Remedies

    Our skin is constantly receiving damage from various different things such as the weather, (sun, wind, cold and rain!) what we eat, drink, harsh chemicals that we don’t always know we are putting on it and even the air around us can cause damage to our delicate skin, this is where natural skin remedies can […]

  • makeup testing

    Makeup Testing

    Buying new makeup can be a very daunting process, there are so many to choose from with different makeup brands, wide varieties of shades, masses of brands and all at different prices. This is where makeup testing is essential to ensure you choose the makeup that’s best for you. A lot of the time people […]