• sensitive skin

    How to Prevent Sensitive Skin

    There are 100’s of men and women that suffer from sensitive skin, each being affected by it in a different way such as itching, inflamed skin, blotchy skin or skin becoming flushed – read more on how to prevent sensitive skin. There are also 100’s of different treatments, products and natural remedies that supposedly treat […]

  • hair straighteners

    Guide for Buying Hair Straighteners

    Buying hair straighteners can be more difficult then you’d first think there are now so many different types of straighteners and so many different brands it can all be a bit daunting – so lets look on a good guide for buying hair straighteners. Every has their own personal idea of how they want their […]

  • big hair

    Big Hair is Back!

    1960’s inspired big hair is back and more glamorous then ever! Backcombing, waves and sex kitten curls are what all fashionistas will be rocking this summer so why not join them and look fabulous too? Having long hair can be fun and allows you and your creativity to go wild when it comes to achieving […]

  • harper seven beckham

    Harper Seven Beckham

    Victoria Beckham gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl name ‘Harper Seven Beckham’. She was born on today at 7.55 am weighing a very healthy 7lb 10oz. Harper is a relatively normal name compared to the Beckhams boys however the Seven was chosen and named after the number her father David Beckham wore when he […]

  • nail varnish

    Nail Varnish Ideas

    There is no easier way to complete an outfit then by keeping your nails in tip, top condition and adding a splash of on trend colour! It can be pretty expensive maintaining acrylic or gel nails and lets face it they don’t do your nails any good at all, so lets look at some great […]

  • kim kardashian beauty tips

    Kim Kardashian Beauty Tips

    Kim Kardashian always looks amazing with her great figure and immaculate makeup! We’re now lucky enough to find out some of the Kim Kardashian beauty tips, secrets and some top tips from her beauty regime on how she always manages to look so beautiful. Hopefully we will gain some useful facts and be able to […]

  • bb creams

    Recommended BB Cream

    What is a BB Cream and Why You Need to Have One and how can I find a recommended BB cream. BB Cream is increasing its popularity day by day especially to women. We often see advertisements in TV, magazines, print ads and advertisements in the Internet too. I have read a lot of reviews […]

  • hair chalking

    Hair Chalking

    Ever wanted crazy colourful hair but just not got the guts or the option to slap on a permanent dye..? Hair Chalking is the answer! Its one of the latest fashion trends at the moment with teens every where achieving the Nikki Minaj inspired hairstyle from their own home. Really there is no reason not […]

  • green tea

    Why We Should Drink Green Tea Everyday

    Why We Should Drink Green Tea Everyday -Originating from China, green tea is a popular beverage widely used throughout Asia, but do you exactly have the idea how is green tea good for you? Over the years, people have been talking about its health benefits, from preventing cancer to lowering blood pressure. What makes it […]

  • metalics

    Metallics are in

    With the Olympics having started it seems as though it’s not just the athletes that are going for gold! Metallic gold, silver and bronze are all over the high streets at the moment in various styles, shapes and all clothing imaginable, your bound to find yourself a winner – yes Metallics are in. From muted, […]

  • summer hairstyles

    Fashionable Summer Hairstyles

    This summer there are a variety of fashionable summer hairstyles that suit different shaped faces and different summer trends. Lucky for us girls a lot of these summer hairstyles are easily maintained, take little time to do and still look great! One fashionable hairstyle for summer 2012 is the tight scraped back ponytail. This hairstyle […]

  • eye makeup trends

    Hot 1012 Eye Makeup Trends

    Hot 1012 eye makeup trends are all about the eyes; bold, bright, sexy eyes are everywhere on the catwalks and are so easy to achieve. Pastel tones and aquamarine, peacock and turquoise blues are bang on trend complimenting almost any outfit and anyone providing you chose the right shade for you! Paler skin tones can […]

  • flawless skin

    Create Flawless Looking Skin

    We can all suffer from a blotchy, uneven skin tone and dark circles under the eyes from time to time, the question is how to hide/tone down these problems and create flawless looking skin with out troweling on the liquid foundation?! The first step when creating an even skin tone is to take a step […]

  • summer festival beauty tips

    Summer Festival Beauty Tips

    Every year we all hope and pray for glorious sunshine at our favourite festivals and we can’t wait to pack our sexiest wedges, cutest sandals and sunglasses, but lets get some summer festival beauty tips in mind too. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always work in our favour and it’s likely that you will be queuing […]

  • feather fashion

    Feathered Clothing Fashion

    Feathered clothing is becoming more and more popular this season with feathered wraps and dressed and feathered skirts being featured in Ralph Laurens spring 2012 runway collection. The light, delicate look of the feathers seem perfect for the spring season and warmer weather. Be on the careful side of the colours you choose as lighter […]

  • diet

    January Diets

    Have you ever tried one of the much-hyped January Diets as a New Year Resolution to lose weight  and have ended up being disappointed with the results?? It’s a sad fact that every January thousands of women start diets and a large percentage give up often only for a couple of weeks after the diet starts. […]