Change your Figure to the Hourglass

The ideal ‘perfect’ body shape that most women wish for is the hourglass silhouette, that’s why so many try and change your figure to the hourglass. Unfortunately there are only very few women that actually have this body shape naturally… on the positive side however it doesn’t mean that it’s not easily achievable for the rest of us.

The best part about it is that not only is it so easily achievable, its’ achievable without needing to do vigorous exercise and extreme dieting. An hourglass silhouette involves you looking like you have wide hips with your figure pinching in at your waist. Luckily we are all now able to buy clothes that cleverly give this impression.

So many different style techniques have been discovered that enable women to create the perfect hourglass silhouette no matter what shape they are originally. One way this can be achieved is by creating the illusion of minimal weight to your waistline.

This can be easily done in a number of ways one way is by wearing flared pants, flared trousers/jeans can give the impression of making your waist smaller especially great if you are wider on the bottom half of your figure rather than your top half.

If you do appear to be top heavy then it would be best to opt for something such as flared linen pants that aren’t as heavy as jeans. Pleated skirts and A-line skirts also give the impression of pinching you in at the waist and were extremely fashionable in the summer season this year.
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Another example of how you could create an hourglass silhouette would be to add volume to your upper torso. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you have a well fitted bra that is padded or uplifts your busts. Immediately you will notice a longer torso and smaller waist.

Shoulder pads aren’t as common today as they used to be however they are great adding volume to the upper half of your body and making your bottom half look smaller. The most fashionable way to do this is to buy a fitted blazer with hidden shoulder pads, black would be best as it is a slimming colour and can be worn with almost anything making this fitted blazer a staple in your wardrobe.

Also dresses with busy detail on the shoulders such as sequins or studs are now very fashionable, they will have the same effect as shoulder pads helping to give the impression of an hourglass silhouette but are much more on trend.

Other fashion tips involve wearing a blouse tied at the waist, or wearing wrap tops and dresses, these especially compliment the apple shaped figure and help to create a waist.

The one thing you want to avoid is adding volume to your waist, you should look for clothes that slim your waistline. For example, wearing a high waist pencil skirt with a thin belt will make your waist look tiny. A fitted dress or blouse will also pinch you in at the waist. You will also find on the high street fitted dresses with dark panels at each seam on both sides of the dress, (known as panel dresses) these are great for instantly giving the illusion of an hourglass silhouette what ever your body shape. Now all that’s left to do is see which style suits your personal taste the best!

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