Chunky Knitted Jumpers

The clocks have gone back an hour and the evenings are getting darker earlier, days and nights are getting a lot colder, which is why it is perfect that the chunky knitted jumpers are so popular this season!

As we all know jumpers come in so many different styles and colours, being both so cosy and warm and suitable for everyday casual wear they really are an essential for this time of year.

Chunky knits come in a range of styles to suit pretty much every body shape, being so big and thick they won’t cling to your figure, this can be a positive or a negative depending on what shaped figure you have! If you have an hourglass figure make sure you wear a belt over the top or opt for a slightly thinner knit that hugs your figure more showing off your feminine waist, curves can easily become lost underneath this style which you don’t want to happen. For top heavy ladies especially those that have apple shaped figures make sure you go for longer length jumpers and avoid those that have a horizontal pattern, keeping the shape and patterns of the jumper vertically linear will slim you right down rather then adding bulk and drawing attention to the larger half of your body. Luckily for straight up and down ladies and pear shapes you can get away with any of the chunky knit styles about so just go for your favourite colour!

A really popular style of knitted jumpers is the ombre style, this involves a number of colours sort of like a rainbow effect or ‘dip dying’ fading in and out into one another. The colour palettes available in this style are endless! It’s a very fashionable take on your average cream wooly knit and look great with a pair of skinny jeans, or with leggings if you opt for an oversized style.

The high streets are full of glittery knitted jumpers this season which is great for all the girly girls out there! If you want to add a bit of glam to your everyday winter wardrobe then these jumpers are the way to go. Not only are they are practical option weather wise but being slightly more dressy with that added touch of sparkle makes then suitable for smart casual occasions. Don’t accessorize the glittery knit wear too much as they are a statement piece on their own, a simple pair of diamante stud earrings or fashion ring is more then enough.

However don’t be put off by all the colours and glitz if that’s not your thing! If you’re more of a neutral colours kind of girl then you can get some fab knitted jumpers in neutral tones with some amazing cable, purl and moss knit patterns on them that are just as fashionable as the more in your face styles. Pair your subtle tones with a pair of boots and UGG boots to keep you nice and snug in the cold weather.

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