Create Flawless Looking Skin

We can all suffer from a blotchy, uneven skin tone and dark circles under the eyes from time to time, the question is how to hide/tone down these problems and create flawless looking skin with out troweling on the liquid foundation?!

The first step when creating an even skin tone is to take a step back from the mirror and have a look at your complexion au natural so you can identify the culprits causing you to appear blotchy or run down.

The most common problems that can be concealed using make-up include:

  • Dark blueish circles under the eyes
  • Ruddy (red) cheeks or t-zone
  • Darker patches on the skin

All these problems occur for different reasons and can usually be solved long term by more sleep, eating healthier and drinking water to reduce inflammation that causes redness along with using a high factor sun block to help combat further pigmentation.

Dark circles under the eyes can made you look tired and run down, the easiest way to hide these is to use a concealer, concealers should be lighter then your foundation and go on first to brighten up the area. If you have very dark circles it’s recommended you go two shades lighter with your concealer. It should be applied in small dots then smoothed over the area with either your fingers or a brush, if you have dry skin using a moisturiser or a primer will help as a base.

A ruddy complexion is usually caused by inflammation of some cause, the most important thing to take into consideration when buying a foundation/tinted moisturiser is the undertone. Those with pink bases will just accentuate the redness of your skin and should be avoided at all costs! Instead opting for those with green or yellow undertones will help to calm down your complexion and even it out.

Those with darker patches on the skin due to aging, sun damage or pigmentation of the skin should follow three simple steps to get maximum coverage and an even complexion. First a good quality primer should be applied to the skin then a concealer should be dotted on darker areas before finally covering with a foundation of your choice, the foundation should be applied with a foundation brush to ensure maximum coverage. If you chose to wear a liquid foundation a powder may be needed to dust lightly over the face setting the look with out it looking shiny or greasy.

Following the simple steps that will target each of the common problems a lot of us are affected by will have you skin looking healthier, fresher and brighter in no time! Think about the colours you’re choosing and if they will benefit you and invest in some good quality make-up for those special occasions when flawless skin and an even complexion will help you to look and feel fabulous!

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