Everyday Cures for Under £1

A bad nights sleep happens to all of us every now and again for a multitude of reasons but it’s not an issue we should let bother us, your guarantee a good nights sleep after some cherry juice! lets look at some everyday cures for under £1.

At around 90p a carton from most super markets it’s the ideal proven solution, studies have shown drinking as little as 30ml of cherry juice a day will promise you a minimum of 30 mins extra sleep a night. Make drinking cherry juice a regular habit for an improved quality of sleep.

Tickly coughs can be cured by licorice! Eating licorice when you feel a chesty cough coming on will help keep it at bay, licorice contains an ingredient that coats the lungs in a protective layer. Not only will taking a trip to your local sweet shop put a stop to your tickly coughs but also reduces the chances of inflammation and soothes a sore throat.

herbal remedies
Following a night out the last thing we want is a hangover, they seem to get worse with age and as none of us are getting any younger it’s about time we found a solution! Asparagus spears contain amino acids which help to kick start the break down of alcohol, at a cost of less then £1 from all good grocery stores they are well worth giving a try before a big night out.

To finish with invest in some fresh mint leaves, bloating is a very common dilemma that leave us feeling sluggish and un-energised. For around a cost of 70p you could see the back of bloated bellies, boil some water then add the mint leaves, allow them to infuse before drinking and banishing the bloat.

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