Fashionable Summer Hairstyles

This summer there are a variety of fashionable summer hairstyles that suit different shaped faces and different summer trends. Lucky for us girls a lot of these summer hairstyles are easily maintained, take little time to do and still look great!

One fashionable hairstyle for summer 2012 is the tight scraped back ponytail. This hairstyle will instantly give you a face lift and will allow you to pull off bold, statement make up looks. The height of this ponytail should be quite high if you have a rounded face as this will help to lengthen the shape of you face. If you have an oval shaped face then you’re lucky because this hairstyle will suit you at any height but try not to bring it too far forward. However if you do choose to wear this hairstyle it is important to focus on your skincare as a glowing complexion will enhance the swept back look.

Loose waves are also great this season and work well with the floaty tops we love so much on hot summer day. Depending on what shape face you have depends on whether you should wear your hair with a side parting or a middle parting. A centre parting is better suited to those with a heart shaped face, whilse if you have an oval shaped face or a round face you should wear your loose curls with a side parting. Soft waves will look create a real girly look and soften features on square faces, create them easily by loosely plaiting the hair or with some heated rollers.

The wet look hairstyle is really fashionable, glamorous and effortless to create! It being seen on all the catwalks at the moment and instantly gives you a youthful appearance, if your brave enough it looks amazing worn with bold makeup such as bold, statement eyes or lips. You can achieve this look by using argan oil on either just the roots of your hair or all over leaving you with a glossy finish.

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