Gorgeous Rainbow Hair Dye Ideas

There are many ways to change the colour of your hair so if you are looking for something a little funky for a night out or a more permanent hair dye then take a look at these amazing examples.

Coloured Hair Extensions

For a quick and easy way to get the most dramatic look why not invest in coloured hair extensions. You could then look to have different coloured layers or coloured sections and the ability to clip and un-clip to get the look you want.


rainbow hair extensions

Work in hair chalk, blending into your own hair, then add layers of colour. A lot of extensions are made from human hair and this will give you the options of curling and straitening or dyeing too!

layered colour

Neon colours containing pink, greens and black make a perfect fashion statement

rainbow hair colour

Spirals of colour look more impressive and dramatic.. like a burst of fireworks!

pretty pastle rainbow hair

Looks like a cute my little pony colour scheme … but works well!

rainbow hair plat

Loving the greens, purples and blues in this French plaitOmbre Hair Chalk

Found on Etsy these amazing hair pastels include blues, dark and light purples, lilac and all different shades of pink to created a dramatic ombre look.