Guest Posts

Do you have a passion for fashion and beauty and really want to share your ideas and  articles? Look Fabulous offers guest blogger postings which are ideal for those budding writers or keen enthusiasts who want to get their ideas read and shared.

If you are interested in being a guest poster on Look Fabulous fashion and beauty website please, read through these instructions below or contact us directly via our contact form for any other questions you may have.

Reach marketers and business owners by being a guest blogger on Look Fabulous and get your content read by over 100 thousand readers per month.

First, send in the idea of your content

Email this to with the subject line “Look Fabulous guest post”, and propose a topic or two you’d like to write about.

Full article is fine too…

… but I can’t guarantee I’ll publish it.

When you send in the full article with your name and location, you may include an author bio line which should be 2-3 lines max.

If I don’t decide to use your post, feel free to use it anywhere else.

Topics I’m looking for

Look Fabulous is about fashion, beauty and trends and appeals to the 18 to 30 age group in general but also covers a full age bracket of content for both both men and women across the world.

Terms and conditions for the guest posts:

Main criteria: it has to be very, very good! We don’t publish rubbish.

  • Article has to be interesting and informative to be approved
  • The content has to be 100% original and never re-published on other websites.
  • Posts should be between 300 and 2000 words long
  • Posts have to be well-researched and practical
  • Please include 1 -5 (legal) photos which should be 650px wide
  • Content should be none promotional – we can not publish sales articles
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish or to edit or modify any submitted content.
  • All content submitted becomes the property of and will be credited with your name
Questions? Send them to me at