Guide for Buying Hair Straighteners

Buying hair straighteners can be more difficult then you’d first think there are now so many different types of straighteners and so many different brands it can all be a bit daunting – so lets look on a good guide for buying hair straighteners.

Every has their own personal idea of how they want their hair, some people want hair poker straight, others prefer smooth and sleek whilst big and bouncy waves are also favored at the moment. Often straighteners are bought based on one the following… price, brand, reputation or style however all these factors should be taken into account for you to find the right pair for you. By reading the blog post below it should make your search for the perfect straighteners a lot easier.

Straighteners come in a varied range of prices and you don’t always have to splash the cash when it comes to buying them, they are often an essential in a girls life and if you can afford to investing in a good pair will be beneficial, GHD is a well known brand in the world of hair and although their styling irons are sold for around £110-£140 they will last you a years and years providing you take care of them. (I’ve had mine for 7 years and there still going strong! Well worth the investment!)

However its not always necessary to spend that much, for example if your hair is naturally straight or has some loose waves and is healthy then you could get away with buying a pair of metal plated straighteners, these are cheaper then ceramic plates and a good pair can be found for around £30. These are perfectly fine and will do a good job if you only use these for special occasions however if you intend to use them daily then you should invest in some with ceramic plates as these do not damage your hair as much as metal plates when used on a regular basis.

If your hair is quite fine then it is important to use ceramic straighteners as they distribute the heat evenly across the plate preventing your hair from frazzling at the ends.

For curly, thick or frizzy hair then you should choose straighteners with a heat setting that allows them to heat up above 180 degrees. If you use straighteners with a temperature below this not only is the style is likely to fall out quite quickly but you’ll do more damage to it as it won’t straighten as easily an you’ll find your self styling your hair for much longer as apposed to a pair of straighteners with a heat of 230 degrees.

Some of the latest hair straighteners can be bought with infra red or ionic technology, these are great for people with dry hair or people using straighteners daily as this technology helps to lock in moisture keeping your hair healthier for longer.

Straighteners are not only used to straighten hair, a lot of hairdressers these days often prefer to create curls, waves and flicks with a straightening iron rather then curling tongs! It can be a bit tricky to master at first but once you have got the hang of it then you’ll never look back. If you are considering ditching the curlers and want a pair of straighteners that are versatile and easily able to flick or curl also then choosing a pair with a round edge that will give you a little extra help.


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