Hair Chalking

Ever wanted crazy colourful hair but just not got the guts or the option to slap on a permanent dye..? Hair Chalking is the answer! Its one of the latest fashion trends at the moment with teens every where achieving the Nikki Minaj inspired hairstyle from their own home.

Really there is no reason not to give it ago, its quick, simple, easy to achieve pretty much any look with any hair colour and very very cheap, plus its only temporary, the only down side can be some mess!

5 straight forward, easy steps to chalk your hair

  1. Get prepared, you will need gloves, an old top you don’t mind getting messy or towel, access to water and a mirror (preferably its easiest to do in the bathroom) and a set of regular soft pastels (avoid oil pastels)
  2. Section the hair you want to colour by grabbing strands and twisting them, if you have blonde hair you may not need to wet it but for darker shades it’s a must to help lock in the colour
  3. Simply choose the colour(s) you want to add to your hair and layer on in a downwards motion to avoid knotting the hair – you can colour as much or as little hair as you wish and choose as many different colours as you like! (for very dark hair you may want to put a white chalk on before your chosen colours to make them appear brighter and stand out more)
  4. Once you have finished adding colours the next step is to let your hair dry (providing you have been using water – otherwise skip to step  5) you can either blast your hair with a blow dryer or let it dry naturally, the decision is yours
  5. Finally to seal the colour in finish off by adding heat, you can do this by straightening or curling your hair making sure you pay attention to the chalked sections and you’re good to go!

Chalking should wash out after just one wash however bare in mind the lighter your hair is the more noticeable it will be and the longer it will take to completely get rid of, you don’t want to start hair chalking two days before a wedding or important business meeting just in case! Also consider of the mess.. You don’t want to get caught out in the rain with a white top on and chalked hair as you will most probably end up 1. Looking Like a rainbow and 2. Ruining your top, stick to using darker towels, bedding and clothing to make as minimal mess as possible, after all it is only chalk and will wear off.



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