Hot 1012 Eye Makeup Trends

Hot 1012 eye makeup trends are all about the eyes; bold, bright, sexy eyes are everywhere on the catwalks and are so easy to achieve. Pastel tones and aquamarine, peacock and turquoise blues are bang on trend complimenting almost any outfit and anyone providing you chose the right shade for you!

Paler skin tones can get away with pastel shades of blues, pinks and purples or subtle hints of nude shimmers for a more appropriate day time or work look whilst darker skin tones pull of brighter eye popping colours and warm neutrals.

The shades on offer this summer are fab at brightening up any outfit, the eye catching colours will make you stand out for the right reasons on nights out and look gorgeous on sun kissed holiday skin. If you’re a bit wary of trying out the more adventurous tones start off with a more subdued shade you feel confident wearing as at the end of the day it’s your confidence that will make or break the look!

Here are a few tips for when applying the latest trend on your eyes to help you get it perfect first time:

  • Using a good quality primer on the lids first to grab the colour makes sure your eyes stay looking fabulous all day long
  • Combining lighter and darker shades of the same colour can help to make eyes appear bigger and open them up
  • Always start with the lighter shade on the inner corner of the lid and blend outwards with the darkest bit hitting the crease between the lid and the brow on the outer corner of the eye
  • If your feeling daring use a contrasting eye pencil still sticking to season brights or pastels though rather then the usual boring browns and blacks
  • Alternate from black mascara for a change using a navy with aquamarine and other shades of blue lids and a brown with neutral shimmers
  • Keep the rest of the face fresh and flawless using a concealer if need be, a liquid to powder foundation will provide a non greasy finish and a natural gloss on the lips will finish off the whole look

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