How to Prevent Sensitive Skin

There are 100’s of men and women that suffer from sensitive skin, each being affected by it in a different way such as itching, inflamed skin, blotchy skin or skin becoming flushed – read more on how to prevent sensitive skin.

There are also 100’s of different treatments, products and natural remedies that supposedly treat sensitive skin and solve the problem, some of these might result in being very effective however a lot of the time these products fail to solve the problem.
Many of these products are more expensive as they are specifically designed to treat sensitive skin which is why a lot of people would greatly benefit from preventing sensitive skin from occurring rather than treating it with different products or treatments.

Recent research has shown that things such as the polluted air in our environment and stress can cause our skin to change and become sensitive. Therefore by finding out the initial cause of your sensitive skin you can then work on preventing it from occurring. High levels of stress effects people both emotionally and physically. Stress can weaken your skins barrier and worrying about too many things can have effects on your skin in different ways, sometimes it causes it to become sensitive other times it may cause an outbreak in spots or pimples. The very first step to preventing this problem would be to try and cut down the stress in your life! However for a lot of people this is easier said than done, you should try to use products that specifically have a lot of b3 and b5 which help to strengthen your skins barrier. Maybe you could try yoga, a massage or anything that you think will help you to relax and release some of your stress.

Sensitive skin can also be caused by using very harsh and strong products on your skin. For example if you use a harsh exfoliating scrub daily it can result in damaging your skin and causing it to become sensitive. Also many cleansers and toners include products such as alcohol, and fruit acids and these can also cause damage very fragile and sensitive skin, so maybe changing the products you use to mild ones. Simple do a great range of products that use light, natural products that are not harsh on the skin. Also simply washing your face with warm water and a mild soap and dabbing it dry lightly with a towel may prevent your skin from becoming over sensitive as you are not damaging it by using any products.

Finally finding a cleanser and a toner that suits your skins needs and sticking to the same one will help to prevent your skin from becoming sensitive as by changing it all the time can cause an overload of different products. Keep in mind that you are most likely only going to see a difference in your skin after 28days of using a new product or changing aspects of your daily routine so stick at it!

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