January Diets

Have you ever tried one of the much-hyped January Diets as a New Year Resolution to lose weight  and have ended up being disappointed with the results??

It’s a sad fact that every January thousands of women start diets and a large percentage give up often only for a couple of weeks after the diet starts. Sadly some women do lose weight only to see the weight spring back a couple of months later up to where it once was, and sometimes even higher.

The problem isn’t in the way you’re dieting, it’s in the design of the diet. Too many TV diets starve your body of its essential macro and micro-nutrients, and leave you in worse shape than when you started. While it’s easy to blame yourself, this just starts a repeating cycle. Don’t worry — it’s not your fault. There are some major issues with many popular diets, and they need to be cleared up.

Firstly, many diets promise amazing results and deliver. The only problem is that it’s only a temporary deliver. Sure, you saw the testimonials and the massive weight loss pictures, but the results just don’t last. A massive amount of diet takers end up putting the weight back on once their diet is over. Why is this, and how can you stop is from happening to you?

The problem isn’t with the way you’re dieting, it’s with the nature of the diet. In the search for the most dramatic results, far too many popular diets focus on rapid weight loss instead of healthy, sustainable weight loss. They do this by encouraging those taking part in the diet to eat at a massive calorie deficit. This causes your body to use your excess fat as energy. It’s great for the scales, but horrible for your body.

Diets and Exercise

exercise class

The big problem is, when you burn massive amounts of calories without refueling your body, it eats away at your muscle as well. All those uber-buff fitness models you see on TV — they eat massive amounts of calories, primarily proteins and fats, and do a humongous amount of exercise to keep their results constant. Whenever a diet promises the world and claims to do it through a huge calorie deficit, you can be assured that you’ll lose primarily muscle during the diet, and gain back primarily fat once it’s all over.

So how do you fight this? It’s easy to become disillusioned and unhappy after one failed diet, and all too many dieters do. Instead of letting it get to you, look at the positives of the experience, and try to understand how this failed diet can help you out next time. There’s a wealth of information out there on dieting, and the primary reason that most diets fail is because of a lack of nutritional understanding by their participants. If you’re looking around for diets that WORK, be sure to pick something that promises sustainable weight loss over rapid weight loss. While one will give you rapid results, it’ll come with massive relapses and regained weight. The other results in long-term lifestyle changes and knowing how to dress for your body shape will help you on the way to perfect health and a slimmer waist.

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