Kim Kardashian Beauty Tips

Kim Kardashian always looks amazing with her great figure and immaculate makeup! We’re now lucky enough to find out some of the Kim Kardashian beauty tips, secrets and some top tips from her beauty regime on how she always manages to look so beautiful.

Hopefully we will gain some useful facts and be able to try them out for ourselves!

One of Kim’s secrets is that she always applies suncream to her face after her cleanser, toner and moisturiser, this if a great idea for all of us as along with protecting the delicate skin on our faces that comes into contact with all weather conditions daily it also helps to prevent skin from aging.

She claims to use the popular Per-fekt range including their scrub three times a week to keep her skin glowing, at around £50 a product it can be seen as pretty pricey but perhaps worth the investment or maybe purchase as a treat? Another one of Kim’s secrets to having perfect skin is to wash your face with a hot flannel every night as this will ensure all your makeup has been removed and whilst also exfoliate the skin.

As we know Kim also always has great hair, it always looks so healthy and glossy and in great condition. One of the reasons for this is that she doesn’t wash it everyday, washing hair too much will remove all the hairs natural oils and minerals which help to keep it in such good condition, she also swears by Moroccanoil on the ends of her hair to prevent split ends.

Little of you will know that Kim suffers from psoriasis, a skin condition that can come and go with stress amongst other things, it can lower any one’s self esteem anyway never mind when you’re in the public eye as much as she is. Kim’s has tried many products to cover this up, however she now swears by Sally Hansen’s Great Legs fake tan. The tan is instant and leaves your skin looking flawless but also a bargain at £9.99 from boots and other stores. I would personally recommend you give Sally Hansen’s Great Legs a go, it comes in a wide range of shades and will disguise any skin conditions or pigmentation problems you may have and feel self conscious about along with hiding scars and varicose veins!

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