Kim Kardashian Spanx

I don’t know about you, but most people would look at Kim Kardashians amazing curvy figure and think it was absolute perfection. However, Kim unfortunately doesn’t have this opinion about herself, here you can see the Kim Kardashian Spanx.

As hard as it is to believe Kim Kardashian has quite a high number of ‘ugly days’. Kim admits that when she has a red carpet event, she always needs to wear a body shaping spanx to boost her confidence.

The reason Kim doesn’t always feel comfortable about herself is because she sees herself as a perfectionist therefore she always notices things about herself that she could improve, as you can see here there are a few other things noticed such as Kim Kardashian Spanx.

She says she still has some cellulite and thinks that spanx are a great invention (don’t we all agree!) that solve some of the issues she has with her body when the cameras are on her.

kristen stewart spanx

Kristen Stewart Spanx

beyonce spanx

Beyonce Spanx

lindsay lohan spanx

Lindsay Lohan Spanx

khloe kardashian spanx

Khloe Kardashian Spanx






















Kim follows a strict exercise routine to keep up her great figure but she also admits that she doesn’t deny herself a treat and does often indulge in some tasty treats. Kim isn’t afraid to admits to this as she believes that she can do this as long as she keeps working out – the right attitude to have!

Spanx are the best selling shapewear, a Hollywoods slimming secret and a celebrity favorite! If you haven’t tried Spanx then you may be missing a trick here girls. The main benefits are that they can really make you look five to ten, even fifteen pounds lighter and will give you that smooth silhouette so you can avoid those lumps bumps and unwanted bulges.

Celebs of all sizes have been seen showing a little Spanx from time time as you can see below with Eva Longoria and Jlo, which to us just reitterates the popularity.

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