Lace Shorts Skirts and Dresses

Lace Shorts Skirts and Dresses, Lace vests, are big this summer, they instantly give you an elegant, classy feminine look. In the past lace was used only for weddings and special occasions whereas this summer they can and is being worn anywhere and everywhere.

However, you do need to make sure you wear it properly! With its stunning see through qualities lace can sometimes be found to be tacky unless it is worn correctly. It makes a big fashion statement on its own therefore you should avoid wearing it with heavy jewellery; you can even wear lace with no jewellery at all and still look amazing. Not only is lace fashionable this summer as a fabric but also as an accessory to finish off other wise plain items such as denim clothes with a lace hem, or lace panels.

Lace is also trendy at the moment on shoes and sandals, even lace pumps are big! They will look great with all the pastel shades that are so big at the moment and are a unique twist on regular leather or cotton shoes.

For those of you who don’t seem to keen on the idea of wearing lace try it in a boyish cut, the boyish style of the clothes paired with them girly fabric balances each other out making both the cut and material much easier to use if your not used to dressing like a tom boy or full on girly girl.

If you a top heavy figure or an apple shaped figure wear lace on your bottom half as with it being such an eye catching fabric it will draw attention to your best assets, your legs! However, if you have an hour glass figure it is suggested that you wear a fitted lace summer dress that accentuates your waist as this will flatter your natural feminine shape.

Summer will be full of barbeques and garden parties and lace would be perfect to wear to an occasion such as these. You could wear a lace dress or pair of denim shorts with a lace hem and a pair of sandals with an elegant bangle, or how about a lace top with a pair of ankle grazing fitted trousers and wedges. You could even finish off plainer outfits with lace accessories, just be careful when wearing the delicate fabric you don’t wear any other patterned/printed pieces that are harsh as they will overpower its feminine qualities and don’t clash your colours!

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