London Fashion Week Sparks Debate on Body Shapes

The London Fashion Week Sparks Debate on Body Shapes and further debate this year as stylist Erika Kurihara walked out from Saturdays show. Erika’s departure was apparently a result of the larger than normal models chosen by fashion designer Mark Fast.

Mark Fast known for his revealing and somewhat tight Knitted clothes designs, had opted to use 3 larger than normal models on the catwalk. Fast the Canadian designer had in the past received criticism on his designs with suggestions that they would never fit ordinary women. Team changes were put into place to tackle these critical opinions with the curvier models wearing his designs and this led to Kurihara and Fast sparking creative differences.
Erika Kurihara who left the show has said: Two of the bigger girls, although their faces were beautiful and their bodies beautiful did not have the right walk for the catwalk. The walk is very important, and I wasn’t happy. She also told newspapers that she celebrates strong healthy women.

Sarah Watkins director of the 12+ model agency provided the 3 models that appeared for Fast’s design show and she is reported to have said it is a brilliant, positive step in the right direction for London Fashion Week and in this especially with this high profile collection.

Should Britain follow measures taken by Spain and Italy where models falling below a certain BMI are barred?

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