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Longer Lasting Curls and Waves

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How can you create longer lasting curls and waves that WILL stay in without unnecessary heat damage! Soft waves and curls look great this summer, they are classy, elegant and can be extremely flattering for your face shape.

However, it can be such a pain trying to find the best way to achieve these curls! Getting them to stay fixed in the style you originally achieve throughout the whole day with out them dropping or falling out completely can also be a nightmare. If you have long, thick hair then most likely your curls drop throughout the day and look completely different from when you left the house so here are some tips on how to hold your curls in place and how to add volume to your waves or curls however thick and heavy your hair is.

A tried and tested way to transform smooth straight hair to soft curls is to use Velcro hair rollers, they are less likely to cause knots and lugs in your hair and will not damage your hair such as heated rollers or curling irons.

One pack of rollers almost always won’t be enough to fill a full head but on the plus side buying a few packs means you have the option to buy them in various sizes, smaller rollers are better for around the face and larger ones right at the root.

When putting the rollers in make sure you divide your hair into lots of very small sections, especially if you have thick hair as this will help prevent the curls from dropping too much. Hair can be slightly damp or dry when rollers are applied, blowing cold air from a hair dryer onto the rollers before they are taken out will help to set the style whilst a light mist of hairspray will reinforce this.

It’s also important to try and not wash your hair on the say that you will be wearing your curls, curls and waves are more likely to stay in your hair if your hair has a bit of natural grease and isn’t too soft, not using conditioner may be beneficial too if you have very naturally soft hair.

Never brush your hair after removing rollers, instead your fingers to style your curls and waves, another spritz of hairspray will often be in your favour when it comes to keeping the style in place however use a natural hold hair spray very sparingly as a strong hold hair spray will add weight to your hair and the curls are likely to drop.

For soft waves rather than curls then you should try plaiting or braiding your hair when it is damp. This is a great way to style your hair if its long and you have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow you much time to spend styling your locks. Whether it’s a relaxing bath or quick in and out shower before bed the positives to this way of styling hair means you can jump straight into bed afterwards without worrying about drying and ironing your hair knowing you’ll wake up with celebrity style waves. Once you’ve got your head around how to plait hair your hair will literally take no longer then 2 minuets to style!

The good news is most of us master plaits as a small child so the only thing left to decide upon or play around with is how many braids you want in your hair. The more you do the tighter the curls will be and vise versa, a simple single french plait or two plaits in ‘pigtails’ are ideal for creating loose waves. As your hair dries in the plaits it naturally sets itself in place and should last an entire day! Spraying on some natural hairspray or adding some curling mouse before going to bed may be necessary if your hair is naturally poker straight but that’s as much product as you’ll need for this chic style. When you wake up in the morning and take out your plaits your hair should be dry and full of loose waves! Not only that but this way of styling your hair will leave it super soft and shiny.


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