Makeup Testing

Buying new makeup can be a very daunting process, there are so many to choose from with different makeup brands, wide varieties of shades, masses of brands and all at different prices. This is where makeup testing is essential to ensure you choose the makeup that’s best for you.

A lot of the time people buy makeup and use it just once because they haven’t tested it properly before hand, it’s so important to take your time when choosing a new item for your makeup bag to avoid wasteful trips to the shop and throwing money away, unlike shoes you can’t take makeup back if it doesn’t ‘match’. Here are some tips on how to test makeup properly so that hopefully you go home happy with your choice.

First of all when choosing your foundation or concealer you should apply a small drop to the side of your neck rather than your hand like most people do. By applying it to your neck it will ensure that the shade of the makeup will not be too dark and won’t leave an unwanted stain around your face. If your natural skin tone is quite pale you should try shades such as porcelain and rose whereas if your skin tone has warmth to it you should consider shades such as sand or latte which are much more suited shades. You should also think about your skin type, go for powder foundations if your skin is oily or a combination whilst liquid foundations are better for dry skin.

The next stop would be to choose the right powder for you (providing you haven’t decided on a liquid to powder or mineral powder foundation.) Ideally you should not be able to tell that you have any powder on, the powder is there just to set the rest of the makeup not to change its shade in any way, that’s the job of a bronzer or blusher. You have two options when it comes to powder, either choose the same colour as your foundation or opt for a translucent powder which will give your skin a flawless effect. The choice is your, keep it in mind however if you do have oily skin caking on a powder isn’t the option to creating a matte effect, powder should be dusted over the face sparingly, if you’re skin does tend to become shiny throughout the day pat it with a towel or some tissue to soak up the excess oil and then reapply your powder.

When testing mascara you should avoid using any testers that may have been used, you don’t know how many people have used them recently and sharing mascara is one of the easiest ways of spreading eye infections such as conjunctivitis. This doesn’t mean you can’t test mascara just you need to do it in a different way then literally applying it. You need focus on the type of wand that comes with your mascara and choose a thick yet lump free consistency. A round densely packed wand is better if you’re looking for fuller lashes, curved wands are best for curling the lashes and opening up the eyes whilst rubber wands create the most natural look.

As for lipstick or lip gloss it can be very difficult as there’s such a huge selection to choose from. You can test them directly onto your lips or on the back of your hand to check for factors such as smoothness, stickiness, unwanted effects such as shine or glitter, thickness, and most importantly the richness of the colour. Currently the fashion when it comes to lips is a smooth, waxy gloss, these last much longer throughout the day and the colour does not fade as quick as regular, sticky lip glosses.

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