Mixed Media Bags

Why stick to one fabric when you could combine them all?! Mixed media bags are huge this summer for many reasons, not only are they bright, bold, colourful and extremely stylish but they will finish off and add some glamour to even the simplest of outfits.

Mixed media bags can be found in a range of colours and styles including neon brights, soft pastels and classy neutrals, some even combine them all creating a real show stopping item for your wardrobe! Patterns are also big and as we all know it can sometimes be hard to get that effortless festival ‘trendy’ look mixing up patterns just right, there’s no easier way to do it then to buy a bag that’s already done the hard work for you and go from there.

What ever your budget is whether you like to splash out on your accessories or are on a tighter leash when it comes to money and just want to treat your self to the must have fashion piece this summer there will be a bag for you!

Designers such as Chanel and Jimmy Choo both are well known for their iconic accessories and classic designs, celebs are forever walking up the red carpet clutches or wearing either of the two so its no surprise they have both brought out designs that are now the latest trend! Chanel have created a mixed media bag using neon shades in a matte fabrics whilst one of Jimmy Choo’s take on the design consist of vibrant shades including a gorgeous electric blue.

Unfortunately were not all able to splash as much cash as the celebs but lucky for us high street stores such as River Island, New Look and Dorothy Perkins have some amazing buys at much more reasonable prices. They even seem to be being much more adventurous when it comes to mixing it up such as combining textured straw weaves with faux leather and prints, they do sound slightly crazy but the majority are all designed in a tasteful, elegant way and as for the minority.. it’s great to be different and own something slightly more wild!

The great thing about mixed media bags is that because they are designed in so many different colours and combine so many different materials they match almost anything. Plus no matter what figure you have a mixed media bag with always look great!

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