Nail Varnish Ideas

There is no easier way to complete an outfit then by keeping your nails in tip, top condition and adding a splash of on trend colour! It can be pretty expensive maintaining acrylic or gel nails and lets face it they don’t do your nails any good at all, so lets look at some great nail varnish ideas.

The good news is its now easier then ever to keep your nails looking healthy and glam from the comfort of your own home, treatments such as AVON’s Peeling and Brittleness Solver and Gold Strength work wonders on damaged nails and will soon have them strong and long! Using a top coat and applying each layer of varnish in thin even coats rather then thick blobs will help them to stay chip free for longer plus cut down drying time which is perfect for when you’re in a rush. Now you know the basics its time to talk on trend colour..nail polish

There are three really big fashion statements this summer when it comes to the colour of your nails and they can be seen everywhere!

Nude has come back into fashion recently, it looks clean and fresh whilst also being classy and appropriate for more formal occasions. It will look great with outfits of any neutral shades and for those of you with shorter dare I say it ‘stumpy’ fingers and toes nude is a gods send instantly elongating them especially if your nails are at a longer length.

Pastel shades were in last summer yet they are back again as everyone loved them so much! Mint green, lilac, yellow, pale pinks and baby blue are all in with soft mint greens winning the pastel shade favourite this year. They look super cool and stylish on their own but if you want to add a bit of fun to your nails why not try mixing up three of the complimenting shades? It’s a fab look for the younger generation or as something different for your holidays!

However it’s not all about soft, girly colours this summer, bold, daring reds will also be make a huge fashion statement. Red is the classic colour that can never seem to go wrong with and always rely on to give your nails a sexy, feminine edge what ever the length. If your thinking about opting for red as your new summer shade then make sure you always wear a base coat as it tends to stain nails yellow, not the best look when you come to taking your nail varnish off and are planning on going au natural. Also I personally feel its just one of them colours that looks best with a high shine finish, to get this invest in a good quality top coat, cheaper ones tend to go dull after a few days.

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