Natural Skin Remedies

Our skin is constantly receiving damage from various different things such as the weather, (sun, wind, cold and rain!) what we eat, drink, harsh chemicals that we don’t always know we are putting on it and even the air around us can cause damage to our delicate skin, this is where natural skin remedies can be so useful.

It’s important to try and care for it the best we can not only to maintain healthy, youthful skin for as long as possible but also to protect it from things we can’t control such as the air and weather.

A lot of people both men and women invest a lot of money in creams and cleansers for their skin and whilst these are great they are still adding chemicals to our skin whilst on the other hand you’ve got those won’t put anything other then a simple bar of soap and some warm water on their skin! There is no right or wrong to how you take care of your skin however keeping products as natural as possible will make a big difference to your skin especially later on in life. There are many natural ways of helping our skin that have no damaging effect and can sometimes be more effective than expensive moisturizers or skin treatment

For instance, one great way to prevent pimples or spots is to squeeze fresh mint juice into your hands and splash it on your face after washing it before you go to bed. The mint plant contains menthol, which cools and cleanses the skin naturally, this is why so many face washes and cleansers contain mint and/or tea tree.

If you were or are a sunbed user you may already suffer from freckles or brown spots due to excessive sunlight, if so then papaya juice will be highly beneficial for you. By mixing together a quarter of a cup of cocoa and a quarter of a cup of papaya and two tea spoons of honey into a paste and applying to your face as a face mask once a week it will help reduce these brown spots and also leaves your skin smooth and glowing.

A lot of us have dry skin especially in the winter months when the cold air dries our skin out, this is when the majority of people who don’t regularly moisturize break the habit and start slapping it on to soothe their skin. A great tip is to make sure the products you use are all natural and contains shea butter or are plant based. The natural oils will help to re-hydrate the skin without using damaging chemicals or making the skin greasy.

And finally a general tip whether it’s winter or not, switching your soap to a natural oil based one will dramatically improve your skins condition as they don’t strip it of all its natural oils.

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