Panel Dresses

Recently images of Kate Winslet were posted on the internet of her amazing hourglass figure, this fab figure was flaunted to the max with the new fashion of Panel Dresses.

It’s great for accentuating curves and giving the impression of an hourglass figure even your figure doesn’t naturally have a small waist and curvy womanly hips. This dress creates a kind of optical illusion which is great for women wanting to emphasise the parts of the body they like and at the same time makes other parts seem completely unnoticeable.

Designers have recently said that the panel dress ‘literally redraws the silhouette.’ This dress creates a fuller cleavage, wider hips and a tiny waist which is pretty much every woman’s dream figure. What ever size or shape you are this dress is a quick fix to solve most body problems and insecurities. The way this style of dress usually works is with two cleverly placed black stripes at each side of the dress hugging the figure and creating the slimming illusion.

Kate winslet was seen wearing a panel dress at the premiere of Mildred Pierce last week. Her panel dress was from Stella McCartneys winter collection and gave the illusion of inches off her waist. Other celebrities that have been seen in similar dresses are Victoria Beckham, Liv Tyler, Kim Kardashian and Carol Vorderman. This is evident that this dress flatters all different shaped figures, All the celebrities above have amazing, but very different figures that looked even better then usual when they were seen wearing their panel dresses! It’s the definite must have investment suited to all occasions and as versatile as the LBD it’s a style that’s without a doubt here to stay.

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