Pastel Clothing Trend

This summer all over the high street you will see pretty Pastel Clothing Trend where ever you shop. The most popular items that seem to be hitting the stores in every pastel shade imaginable are cropped tailored trousers, skinny jeans and figure flaunting blazers along with everyday essential items such as vest tops, t-shirts and leggings.

This year the pretty pastels that are loved so much seem to have a running theme about them, ice cream! They make up a gorgeous colour pallet including shades such as soft mint, sherbet or lemon yellow and a soft, candyfloss pink.

The ice cream coloured cropped trousers and/or skinny jeans are a must have this season; they look great with a pair of pumps of wedges depending if you want to dress them up or go casual. Skinny jeans can be hard to pull of its your figures not right for them (hourglass or slim/petite build) however, the tailored cropped trousers that are so popular at the moment are much easier to wear and can be modified to suit any body shape!

Pastel shade blazers are a summer essential for evenings out, they can be adapted to suit any age by either pairing with a jean or pair of shorts and even a contrasting black maxi dress/skirt. The benefit of blazers is that they are usually fitted and nip you in at the waist which is perfect for giving you an hourglass shaped figure if you don’t already have one, and if you’re lucky enough to have natural curves a blazer will help to accentuate these.

If your that much of a fan of pastel shades and don’t fancy to be walking around head to toe sporting the new girly trend then why not give accessorising a go to try out the new look. You can opt for belts, bags, scarves, headbands and other accessories or even get a manicure in the soft shades. There’s not always need for brand new when it comes to accessories either! They can make an already purchased or plain outfit look brand new and trendy for this season.

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