Peplum Style

As you have probably already noticed this season Peplum Style top, dresses and skirts are huge! Near enough every women’s clothing shop on the high street stock at least one peplum design whereas most shops offer their customers a large variation of different styles and designs.

This style of dress was actually extremely popular 30 years ago and like many good trends they eventually fade out and return bigger and better then ever! The peplum dress started being seen again on the catwalks again in 2009 and have grown in popularity ever since. You really cannot go wrong with them.

Peplum dresses especially are absolute must buy because they are so versatile. They are perfect for a job interview with a blazer, a night out on the town coordinated with some fab accessories and clutch bag or even a first date, but the best thing is they can also be really elegant and flattering.

The most fantastic thing about peplum dresses, tops and skirts is that they suit pretty much every type of body shape! If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass silhouette then a peplum dress will look great as it will accentuate your natural curves and gives you the opportunity to really show them off. If you have an inverted triangle shaped figure with shoulders wider than your hips then this is definitely the style for you as it makes your hips look wider and gives your shoulders and hips and even balance. Also if you have a very slim, boyish figure then the peplum skirt, dress or top will create curves that you don’t have, it will make your hips looks wider and therefore gives the impression of nipping you in at the waist which is great as you will be left will a very slim, hourglass silhouette. The only body shape that the peplum style dress may not be great for is a pear shaped figure, this is because your bottom area is larger and the peplum dress will only accentuate this. However this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one of these great dresses because you can always solve the problem by wearing a blazer with shoulder pads in to enlarger your top half or you could wear it with big hair and a heavy necklace to balance out your figure.

It is evident that these dresses and tops are still extremely fashionable and their popularity is only growing as some of the most famous celebs in Britain are still being snapped wearing them! For example recently Cheryl Cole was seen on the Graham Norton shop wearing a peplum dress and Kate Middleton has also been seen wearing quite a number of them.

In most of the shops on the high street we see peplum dresses in one, bold colour such as shocking blues and vibrant purples as well as black and white which look very classy and elegant. However if simplicity is not your thing you can also find them covered with some fab block prints on them and designs inspired from the 20’s, 50’s and 60’s.

If you want something slightly different but that is also really fashionable this season then many high street shops are now selling peplum pencil skirts, being a skirt rather then a dress you could mix and match colours and wear different styles of tops with them to vary the look for different occasions. You likely to get more wear out of a skirt especially if you don’t like to outfit repeat, if this is the case then purchasing one of these is a must! You will find purchasing a top or skirt is better value for money then a dress because you can create a number of different outfits with just the one item.

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