Pleated Skirts Trend

Pleated Skirts Trend are great this summer; they’re fun, cute and girly, they can be found all over the high street as well as on the catwalk in various lengths and an array of colours to suit all ages and body shapes.

Short pleated skirts in pastel shades are a must for the younger generation this season, there great for showing off your long legs and are easy to wear looking fab with plain T’s or vest tops on warm summer’s days. They can easily be changed from a day look to night look simply by adding a pair of wedges to your attire! If you have are quite small yet slim you should opt for a floor length pleated skirt to accentuate your height. Generally pleated skirts are made from chiffon or poly-cotton and these fabrics are light then denim and linen and do a great job of keeping you cool in the warmer weather even if you want to cover up and choose a mid calf or floor length style.

50’s inspired pleated skirts are all the rage at the moment. The 50’s style of pleated skirt start at the hips making them appear bigger then actual fact, this is perfect for top heavy apple shaped ladies however and seen as though this is an area many of us especially pear shaped ladies want to hide some women feel as though this is an area they want to hide its not ideal for everyone. If you want a skirt to skim your hips and hide them a less structured skirt that pleats from the waist is more suitable.

Also this summer pleated floor length dresses and body skimming, pleated vest tops look great. Keep the pleats on the smaller half of your figure to balance out your body as although they skim curves rather then cling they can make you appear bigger if not worn correctly. If you have an hourglass figure then make a statement in a pleated maxi dress, they are an ideal smart/casual look and should worn with a slim belt around the waist to accentuate your natural curves.


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