Puffer Coats

Not often does the latest Puffer Coats fashion trend have the added bonus of being totally practical! For once style doesn’t mean compromising comfort and more importantly in these cold winter months, warmth!

This year there are more variations on the original ‘puffer’ coat style in terms of colours, shape and fabrics than ever.

The inspiration for the design of puffer coats came from the quilted jackets that were highly fashionable in the past such as in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Yet again the style of puffer coat is one of the most fashionable must haves available this season.

The waist coat also known as a body warmer or gilet style puffer coat looks great with a thick jumper or hooded jacket worn underneath it, even though it doesn’t have sleeves the padding of the jacket still keeps you snug and warm especially if worn with a thick jumper, scarf and gloves.

The original short length version of puffer coat is also extremely fashionable at the moment and they have been purposely designed to suit the lifestyle of people living in towns and cities rather than being a countryside fashion such as in the past. This style of puffer coat combines heritage and contemporary styles. However be careful with this style as it can make you look very top heavy especially if paired with leggings or skinny jeans what ever your body shape is! If you do tend to go for the slim line look on the bottom half of your body opt for a longer variation of the puffer coat to avoid this.

Some people find that puffer coats aren’t very flattering for the female figure; however, you can now buy fitted puffer coats and double breasted ones that enhance your waist. Also a feminine touch has been added to recent puffer coats as a lot of them are now available with faux fur trims which look really on trend and glam. Along side the neutral shades every style of coat seems to come in this season puffer coats are also available in really bright colours such as bright pink, blue and yellow. Top Shop currently stock a lemon yellow puffer coat with a black fur trim round the hood and this is great for winter. It’s outgoing, colourful, flattering and perfect for the cold, rainy days that are occurring.

A more appropriate version of the puffer coat may be the long length style, again there are many variations in terms of colour, shape and finishing touches etc however this style tends to be much more flattering on the majority of women as apposed to the shorter lengths that end and the hips and above.

Along side the current celebrities that have been spotted wearing this reoccurring trend second time around it seems puffer coats are even fit for royalty, first time round the likes of Princess Dianna and other members of royalty were all known to be wearing them.

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