Recommended BB Cream

What is a BB Cream and Why You Need to Have One and how can I find a recommended BB cream.

BB Cream is increasing its popularity day by day especially to women. We often see advertisements in TV, magazines, print ads and advertisements in the Internet too.

I have read a lot of reviews about how BB cream make wonders. What is a BB Cream and Why You Need to Have One?

BB Cream stands for “blemish balm cream” because of its multi-purpose features. Originally, BB cream was formulated in Germany and its main use is to protect skin after having a surgery or laser procedures. Later in 1980s, BB Cream was introduced in South Korea and Japan and there it began the reign of BB Creams all over across the world.

Why do you need to use a BB Cream?


One of the most amazing properties of a BB cream is it conceals blemishes and uneven skin tone in our face. It also hides acne scars and alike, making it flawless and radiant for a more charming you. Keep in mind that BB cream should match your skin tone and you have to learn to blend it well to your skin. Otherwise, the tone of your face and neck will not match and it will be terrible!


Just like your moisturiser, a BB cream can make your face hydrated and fresh all day! Most of BB creams have this radiant glow as you wear them. It makes your face smooth and soft. You will notice a big difference on your first application. You just have to choose wisely about the shade of the cream.


BB creams have different formulation and some of them have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It soothes some skin discomfort like burning and tingling sensation. This kind of cream is suitable for sensitive skin because of its gentle formulation.


This is a main hit for Asian women where whitening is their major concern when it comes to skin care. A fair skin gives a radiant glow, makes you look fresh especially if you have a rosy cheeks!


One of the best reasons to love BB cream is it protects our skin from harmful UV rays that will damage our skin and will make us look older. Some BB creams have SPF factor that also acts as a sun block.

BB Creams are indeed wonders of the beauty industry. All these skin benefits can fit in one bottle! They are handy and an instant aid to our skin problems. It conceals, moisturises, soothes, protects and whitens our skin in just one application! No need to bring foundation, concealer, sunblock and moisturiser.

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