Statement Collars

It is now the perfect time to dig out all of the clothes you haven’t worn in a while because you can now turn them into something completely different with this season’s biggest trend, statement collars! It makes any outfit, old or new, look fresh and quirky.

The trendy detachable collars look great with almost any outfit and make it look completely different! You can even glam up your most casual day time outfits. For example why not add a bejazzled collar onto your favourite plain sweater or cardigan. These look great with a pair of skinny jeans and girly pumps and stop you looking too old before your time with just a plain sweater on. You could add a lace collar to these items or a collar with sequins or pearls on, any of them will look great it all depends on which you personally prefer. It just adds that feminine touch and means you can wear your favourite outfits time and time again saving you money and the hassle of shopping for new clothes for every occasion!

One of the main reasons this new fashion accessory is so favourable is that is instantly can make clothes (especially plain) look smarter/glamorous. For example that little black dress that’s suitable for almost every occasion but is getting a bit old and worn can now be altered and made to look completely different by adding a glam collar. These collars look great when added to a little black dress, a shift dress or even a peplum dress. The thing to remember is that these collars look best when added to plain items, so if you have a busy patterned dress then a collar would probably go unnoticed but on a plain, one tone dress it is sure to look amazing!

If you’re not into ‘plain’ then try swapping colours for textures, layering¬†up lace, leather, cotton and silk along with other contrasting fabrics in the same colour palette will allow your collar to work along side you’re your outfit without getting lost amongst the busyness. Using textures is a very fashionable approach to take to clothing this season and seems to work hand in hand with the statement collar trend.

This new fashion item is great because even if you feel as though your splashing the cash slightly more than you usually would on an accessory you need to think of it more as an investment! A fab extravagant collar will save you so much money because it can worn with so many different outfits and can make so many different outfits look like something new! You can’t go wrong.


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