Stepping out in Style for a Wedding

We take a look at footwear options and ideas for the big day and how to be Stepping out in Style for a Wedding

Who would have thought that this merits a category of shoe all of its own? Well hold the phone, apparently wedding shoes are a big deal to women in the UK, so much so that wedding shoes specialists are cropping up all over the place – especially online.

Thankfully, a little bird (my friend Marion) tells me that you can also get great access to designer wedding shoes through high street and department store favourites such as Next, so for those of us who are engaged and looking for a Cinderall-esque slipper, you don’t need to make some far-flung journey in a pumpkin to find that perfect piece of footwear.

And let’s be perfectly honest, it’s not a very tough choice! What colour do brides wear? What colour should the shoes be to match, then…..? It’s all much more straightforward than the magazines and shopfronts would have you believe.

The trouble with weddings is that they’ve become such a big business that now, all the big businesses want to scare us into spending reams of money in order to make them happen.

Well, as I’m sure we’ll all find out, there’s a lot more to a marriage than ivory satin slippers….there’s the whole ’til death do us part’, in it forever stuff too. And, call me crazy, but that seems more important.

Nevertheless, the shoes you wear on the day should, above all else, be comfortable. Obviously it depends on the length of your wedding dress, but for most brides the wedding shoe is invisible for much of the day, so I am always loath to advise people to invest in big heels.

What is more, many wedding slippers favour small kitten heels. Before going with this option, though, be sure to check where it is that your wedding is taking place, and whether you’ll be walking along any grass or mud.

The last thing you want as a newly wed is to be sinking into the ground along with your expensive silk shoes just because you happened to go for a two-inch heel, which is now slowly submerging in the tufty ground!


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