Stylish Celebrity Mums to be 2011 2012

Looking at the Stylish Celebrity Mums to be 2011 2012 you may think celebs today have it easy with all the extra cash they get they must find it easy to look great all the time whilst being pregnant, mustn’t they? One thing to remember is that no matter how famous they are they are still human.

Our recent celeb mums have gone through exactly what you’re experiencing now the only difference is that they are in the public eye 24/7. So when they’re having an off day and decide to pop to the shop in their comfy black joggers and no makeup they get slated for it and it’s written about in magazines and newspapers for days. So if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration or just inspiration to battle through the next 9 months then just take a look at our most recent celeb mums. They somehow manage to look glamorous throughout they’re pregnancy and also look trendy and stylish every time they step out of the house.

Beyonce is one of our most recent celeb mums and she look stunning throughout her whole pregnancy! She performed show after show for months and the general public had no idea.

This is a picture of Beyonce when she was 4 months pregnant and she looks amazing. She’s wearing all black which is a slimming colour but she’s added a sparkly scarf and an oversized handbag with a pair of great ankle boots! She’s got the pregnancy fashion look spot on! Black jeans and a baggy blazer also look great and cover without completely hiding her baby bump really well.

Fearne Cotton is another celeb mum that looked amazing throughout her pregnancy. In this image she’s got the winter maternity look and pulls it off really well. She’s wearing black just like Beyonce but its still really stylish. The fur design on her coat looks great and doesn’t look uncomfortable around her baby bump, her black and brown short boots look great with leggings and a long sequined blouse. Fearne also has an oversized bag just like Beyonce. If you have an oversized back it draws the attention away from your figure and everything looks slightly smaller in comparison to it.

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