Summer Festival Beauty Tips

Every year we all hope and pray for glorious sunshine at our favourite festivals and we can’t wait to pack our sexiest wedges, cutest sandals and sunglasses, but lets get some summer festival beauty tips in mind too.

Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always work in our favour and it’s likely that you will be queuing for the portaloos in the rain as an alternative to showering,

stood in puddles of mud in your wellies and most probably end up looking extremely windswept.

By following these few tips you’ll be prepared for anything the unpredictable English weather has to throw at you whilst looking fab all the while! Here’s some beauty essentials that you cannot survive a festival without!

  • Baby wipes and deodorant are probably the closest thing you’re going to get to cleanliness but it’s important that every night you remove all your makeup with face wipes. The fresh air all day long is likely to really dry out your skin so remove your makeup and apply moisturiser to your face as often as necessary to prevent spots. Also wash your underarms and body with baby wipes, even your feet! You should do this before you go to sleep and when you wake up as this will help to keep you feeling fresh.
  • During your time at your festival dry shampoo is likely to be your best friend! This will prevent you from having greasy hair and means that you can scrap your hair back without it sticking to your head or it will add volume to your hair. A great festival look is loose waves, if you plaited your hair when you go to sleep and add dry shampoo to your roots when you wake up your hairs going to look amazing what ever the weather.
  • It is likely that your makeup is going to need to last throughout the day so a great tip is to use primer underneath your foundation. Primers give you a natural glow and also help keep your makeup in place for up to twelve hours. You should also look for a foundation that lasts for 24 hours, as this used with the primer will have a great effect.
  • Another top tip is to wear waterproof mascara if you can. If the rain and wind have grabbed hold of your festival the last thing you want is mascara running down your face resulting in the panda eyes look!
  • And finally besides the obvious toiletries deodorant, toothbrush and paste… a hand sanitizer is a very practical thing to have around, festivals are very dirty places especially the toilets that should but often don’t stock soap/loo roll, and then you’re expected to eat the majority of food with your hands! Not even for the sake of looking good but purely in the name of hygiene make sure you stock up on the hand sanitizer!

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