The Leather Look

The Leather Look is everywhere at the moment from on the runways and catwalks to every fashionable high street store! Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and Angelina Jolie have been seen pulling off the leather look amazingly these last couple of weeks, whether you dress it down or up it adds some serious style to your attire!

Not only does leather look fab it also is a ‘practical’ fashion piece for these winter months in some unusual ways, obviously its water proof which is a bonus for autumn and winter especially in England! But it also makes you sweat, for most women sweating more then usual doesn’t sound the most attractive thing however it does keep you very warm! Buying some fitted leather trousers or a leather jacket will soon warm you up on a cold winter’s day.

The good thing about the leather look this season is it’s not just available in the ‘common’ biker style or skin tight trousers and bulky jackets, designers have really gone to town with leather in their collections and there are now styles and fits to suit everyone what ever your size and shape.

The most popular item has to still be the leather trousers, the skinny and slim fitting style is great for straight up and down rectangle shaped ladies or hourglasses that want to show off their sexy silhouette. New to this years autumn/winter collections is the baggier style that taper slightly towards the bottom, these are very high fashion and look fab on slender figures or ladies without natural curves as they will add just the right amount of width to your hips for a more feminine shape.

A line mini (skater) skirts have to be my favourite leather essential at the moment, the thickness of the material gives the skirt structure and allows it to keep its almost floaty shape unlike some finer material skirts that will just drop and fall over the natural curves of your body when being worn. Anybody shape can pull off this style skirt however the length being above knee height makes it more aimed towards the younger fashionistas out there! It’s a look that can be worn both day and night, tuck in an embellished collared blouse ready for the evening and then throw over a chunky knit jumper for the day.

If you’re feeling daring then dressing head to toe in a leather dress is definitely a must! Not only will you make a statement and stand out in the crowd but also look very very sexy. It defiantly takes confidence to pull off a leather dress but knowing you amazing should allow you to have that confidence, just be sure to pick a style of dress that suits your body shape.

If you’re not so sure about the leather look look out for pieces that just have hints of it, blazers have been in fashion for a while now but some have been revamped with little extras such as the addition of leather sleeves bringing them back right on trend. Dresses and tops are another two items that are widely available in mixed fabrics including leather, especially the peplum style.

One tip when buying leather clothing is to make sure you buy it big enough! Although you can get thinner leathers most are still quite thick and sturdy in comparison to other fabrics, with this being the case people tend to squeeze themselves into smaller sizes and think they look thinner as its keeping them all sucked in! In reality you’re just going to be very uncomfortable and may find you get a rippling effect appearing where it’s pulling which isn’t the best look.


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