Tie Dye Clothing

If you’re crazy about colour this next come back trend is going to be perfect for you! What was recently voted the worst fashion disaster of the last 50 years is now back with a vengeance, Tie Dye Clothing is everywhere!

Celebs such as Jessie J, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Elle Macpherson have all recently been spotted wearing various items of tie-dyed fabrics.

Tie-dye denim seems to be very popular however just about anything imaginable is flying off the shelves providing it’s been dipped in an array of colours. Bikinis, maxi dresses, bags, shoes, tops and leggings have all been given the tie-dye treatment.

This time tie-dye thankfully is slightly more tame then 1st time round, fashion designers for both the catwalk and high street have taken a more contemporary approach on the previous intense, dizzying design. Much more muted tones are being used and to a great extent a smaller number of colours are being thrown together created new sophisticated, thoughtful designs.

You can’t really keep things simple when you’re wearing tie-dye however to go for a more grown up classy look try and stick to a colour palette with no more then three complimenting shades, the item that’s tie-dyed will obviously need to be purchased first so you can work from the colours within and pull an outfit together from there!

For a younger more ‘festival’ style tie-dye denim or jumpers are great, denim being classed as a neutral fabric can be worn with any colours you like, the one thing to stay away from when wearing even denim tie-dye is other patterns, they will do nothing but clash!

In your suitcase for your holidays this year you can’t go wrong with a pair of tie-dye shorts and a fun, flirty colourful tie-dye bikini. You might not be a big fan of the current style and may have already had enough of it first time round however ever if this is the case then its bad news! Tie-dye looks as though it’s here to stay for a while yet so embrace the trend!

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