Why We Should Drink Green Tea Everyday

Why We Should Drink Green Tea Everyday -Originating from China, green tea is a popular beverage widely used throughout Asia, but do you exactly have the idea how is green tea good for you? Over the years, people have been talking about its health benefits, from preventing cancer to lowering blood pressure.

What makes it so special compared to other teas?

Green Tea is rich in catechin polyphenols where EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is the main attraction. Studies show that epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant that gives a lot of benefits such as cancer-prevention and anti-ageing which are the major concerns of people nowadays.

Reasons to drink green tea everyday:

Green Tea Delays the Ageing Process

If you want to look younger than your current age, you will surely consider drinking green tea every day. Because of the anti-oxidants, drinking green tea can keep our cells healthy that brings out a natural glow to our skin. Healthy cells can make our skin look young and blooming. You will notice the effects as you drink it for a month without a miss.

Green Tea is a Good Cancer Prevention

While tomatoes have lycopene, green tea has catechins which effectively fights the mutation of cancer cells before in transform into a bad one. Having a certain cancer disease is a real burden and if you do not want it to happen, act now and take a step to prevent it. By drinking green tea daily, it will help you prevent the activities of cancer cells inside the body.green tea drink

Green Tea Reduces Cholesterol

Another reason to love green tea and drink it every day is it reduces cholesterol development which may lead to stroke and heart attack. Middle aged men and women are at certain risk of having the disease because of unhealthy lifestyle. Alcohol and fatty foods are the major cause of high cholesterol level in your body.

Green Tea Cleans Colons

Did you know that green tea can also clean your colon and flush out the toxins inside your body? The cleansing property of green tea gets the job done. Studies show that by drinking green tea regularly, it can also burn fats and makes our body feel lighter and clean from within. Some weight loss experts recommend green tea because of its property that will make your lose those unwanted pounds in a certain period of time.

For hundreds of years, green tea has always been helping us to improve our natural health and energise our body to fight certain diseases. It is a good thing that the solution for our health problems comes from the nature. It is the nature’s gift and as a return, we should protect and take care of our natural resources.

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