• eyebrows suit your face

    Eyebrow Shapes to Suit Your Face

    To get the most out of your look you should always consider what you have as a starting point, your face shape and natural brow line usually complement each other, but lets face it we all want to achieve a certain look or tweak for fashion! Sometimes the tweaks go a little astray and so […]

  • colours and eyebrows

    Hair Colours and Eyebrows

    Colouring your hair can completely change your look and how you feel, however one of the biggest problems is finding a hair colour to compliment your natural looking eyebrows. Pencils and brow powders can subtly change the colour of eyebrows, but if you’re going for a drastic hair colour change it may be a good […]

  • how to pluck eyebrows

    How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

    Plucking your eyebrows is a pretty simple job, once you have the perfect eyebrow shape (preferably shaped by a professional) it’s just a case on keeping on top of the hairs as they grow back. Here are three simple steps on how to how to pluck your eyebrows, finding where your brows should start, end […]

  • enhancing eyebrows

    Enhancing Eyebrows

    Once you have the right eyebrow shape for your face, enhancing them can completely change the look for a more dramatic shape or to change to the hair shade. Tools for Enhancing Eyebrows include: Eyebrow Pencils Trimming Eyebrows Eyebrow Powder There are a couple of things you need to know about when it comes to […]

  • eyebrow threading

    How to Thread Eyebrows

    Threading the eyebrows has become an effective and quick way to both shape and trim eyebrow hairs, brow bars and beauticians offering this can be found in shopping centres, department stores etc. This simple technique uses string that has been twisted with the figures and a simple motion to run over areas of the brow […]