• bikini knickers

    Bikini Knickers

    Bikini knickers are the commonly worn knickers. They are worn on the hips but cover a little less at the sides and of the behind then the hipster briefs. Bikinis can sometimes be found with a string waist band. Make sure when buying underwear that is elasticated around the waist you buy the right size, […]

  • hipster knickers

    Hipster Knickers

    Hipsters are very similar to briefs, the only difference is they are low rise and as you’ve guessed worn on the hips. Hipster knickers are a lot more flattering then classic briefs, still are very comfortable. They can be found made from a very wide range of materials, try cotton for everyday wea yetr and […]

  • french knickers

    French Knickers

    French knickers are possible the most luxurious of all underwear! They are a similar style to hipster briefs but you shouldn’t get them confused. French knickers aren’t elasticated at the top of the legs and tend to be loose fit, can be frilled and generally more comfortable. French knickers will have any girl feeling feminine […]

  • thong knickers

    Thong and G-String Knickers

    Thongs and g-strings don’t have to be just for the brave, thongs are a little more modest but both styles have very little coverage of the behind. Thongs and g-strings come in various styles and fabrics, they are often wore by younger women with more peachy bums however there is nothing to say you can’t […]

  • full brief knickers

    Brief Knickers

    Briefs are the big knickers you would think of associated with Bridget Jones! They are often made from cotton and are a very comfortable everyday brief. Briefs can rise to the belly button or sit just below it, they cover the whole of rear and have full sides. There are three different styles of briefs, […]

  • underwire bra

    Underwire Bras

    Underwire bras come in all styles, fabrics, colours and sizes, they are designed to give extra support and shape. As the name suggests any bra that has a wire running under each cup is classed as an underwired bra. Under-wired bras are best for ladies B cup and above. Apple shaped figure and the hourglass […]

  • bra styles and size guide

    Bra Styles and Size Guide

    Wearing the right underwear for your body shape is essential. For the best results choose well fitting undergarments that will complement your figure and enhance and reduce the figure where needed to balance your body shape out. Wearing a bra which is the correct size and style for your body shape will give a great […]

  • triangle bra

    The Triangle Bra

    Triangle bras are pretty self explanatory. Triangle bras are different to most bras and have unique cups that are simply triangle shapes of fabric similar to those of some bikini tops. Triangle bras can be very sexy as the fabric tends to be thin and slightly transparent showing what’s underneath. Laces and silks are often […]

  • half cup bra

    Half Cup Bra

    Half cup bras are also known as demi cup bras. They cover around ¾ of the breast stopping just above the nipple for a really sexy look but also giving needed support. Half cup bras usually have molded or shaped cups which provide support, not as much as a full cup bra but usually enough. […]

  • full cup bra

    Full Cup Bra

    Full cup bras are the perfect every day bra for you ladies with a bigger bust like the apple shaped figure and hourglass. Full cup bras cover the whole breast which provides a great shape and fit. They also usually come with thick supporting straps which are a must when you’re big breasted as this […]

  • minimiser bras

    Minimiser Bras

    Minimiser bras are as you’ve probably guessed made to help minimize the look of your breasts. They are great if you’re big up top and seem like they were made for apple shaped ladies with their fuller bust. Minimiser bras provide support and full coverage of the bust, they are great for any occasion whether […]

  • padded bras

    Padded Bras

    Padded bras are a lot like push up bras, other than that their name is pretty much self explanatory. Padded bras give lift, shape and support. They come in various thicknesses so you could buy two padded bras from the same shop and they both give different appearances. Make sure you find the thickness that […]

  • push up bra

    Push Up Bra

    Push up bras are defiantly a sexy bra, they provide lift and add fullness giving the appearance of a great natural cleavage. Push up bras are similar to padded bras yet push up bras have a little more padding in different areas, however the padding is not permanently fixed in place so depending on the […]

  • plunge bras

    Plunge Bras

    Plunge bras are great for those low neck tops and give a feminine, sexy look. They come in various styles, fabrics and colours making them suitable for most sizes and body shapes. The main job of the plunge bra besides give lift, support and shape is to create an amazing cleavage. Whatever body shape you […]

  • balconette bra

    Balconette Bra

    Balconette bras are very similar to half cup bras apart from they tend to cover a little less of the breast, the style usually has thicker straps and a more square look from the straps down and across the front. Balconette bras are very low cut making them perfect worn under almost any clothing. Balconette […]

  • strapless bras

    Strapless Bra

    The strapless bra is basically as its name suggests a bra without straps! Strapless bras come in different styles its most common shape is the Balconette, occasionally strapless bras are seen in Full Cups too. Strapless bras have to be the perfect bra fit to avoid any slipping out of place that many of us […]

  • sports bras

    Sports Bras

    Sports bras are the basic essential for any lady who enjoys exercising or spends time at the gym. Sports bras help to keep your breasts in place when taking part in energetic sporting activities along with providing support and keeping bounce to a minimum! Sports bras come in various shapes, styles and supports. Anybody of […]