• thicker hair

    10 Tips for Thicker Hair

    Hair can be stubborn and deceiving when it comes to having dense full locks. If you are amongst the many that have a lot of hair but it’s just a collection of very thin strands then it can be very frustrating. There may be a lot of it, but it can appear very flat, lifeless […]

  • face shape

    Find Hair Styles for your Face Shape

    Look Fabulous will help you gain an understanding of what hairstyles will suit your face shape best and which styles you should be avoiding. We will help you find hairstyles that are bang on trend for 2011 and styles that will complement your face shape, features and your lifestyle to have you looking and feeling […]

  • understanding hair colours

    Understanding Hair Colours

    Hair colours are a lot more complex then just thinking of them as a simple light brown or dark blonde. All hair colours have an undertone which makes it appear a warm or cool colour, it’s important to understand and know about the tone of your own hair if you’re choosing to colour it yourself. […]

  • Hair Colours to Suit You

    Hair Colours to Suit You

    Whether you have warm or cool, olive, fair or dark there will be certain hair colours that will suit you a lot better than others. Here you can learn about what colours best suit you, changing a wrong colour to a right even if it’s just a matter of two shades lighter or darker will […]

  • types of hair dyes

    Types of Hair Dyes

    There are a few different types of hair dyes, Most commonly used are semi-permanent and permanent hair colours, but how do you know which one is best suited to you? Bleach is used to lift hair but can be very damaging, here we will help you learn how to use bleach safely causing minimal breakage […]

  • colouring hair at home

    Colouring Hair at Home

    Colouring your hair at home in the past may have been messy, stressful and often left you with undesired results. Use these tips to make colouring your hair at home a simple, enjoyable experience with minimal mess! To create minimal mess at home before you start colouring make sure you have these items handy: 1. […]

  • hair salon

    Salon Professionals

    Sometimes you may think it’s a good idea to save money and attempt to colour your hair yourself but it’s not always the case. Hair becomes easily damaged from styling products and colouring especially when bleached. If you colour your hair a lot it’s possible it’s been over processed and consulting a stylist before you […]

  • hair colour ideas

    Hair Colour Ideas

    Dying to find out what’s the ‘IN’ colour for this season? Find out which celebs will be pulling off a sexy brunette or playful blonde this year along with lots of ideas for you give a try. With all the nude colours and chiffon materials that are going to stay hot right through to winter […]

  • virtual hairstyles

    Virtual Hairstyles Makeover

    Thinking of a new hairstyle, changing your hair length or colour? The hairstyle makeover tool below will help you choose which styles will suit you the best. So if you want a virtual makeover, to experiment with some new hairstyles and maybe see what you look like with a celebrity hairstyles what are you waiting […]