• bikini knickers

    Bikini Knickers

    Bikini knickers are the commonly worn knickers. They are worn on the hips but cover a little less at the sides and of the behind then the hipster briefs. Bikinis can sometimes be found with a string waist band. Make sure when buying underwear that is elasticated around the waist you buy the right size, […]

  • hipster knickers

    Hipster Knickers

    Hipsters are very similar to briefs, the only difference is they are low rise and as you’ve guessed worn on the hips. Hipster knickers are a lot more flattering then classic briefs, still are very comfortable. They can be found made from a very wide range of materials, try cotton for everyday wea yetr and […]

  • french knickers

    French Knickers

    French knickers are possible the most luxurious of all underwear! They are a similar style to hipster briefs but you shouldn’t get them confused. French knickers aren’t elasticated at the top of the legs and tend to be loose fit, can be frilled and generally more comfortable. French knickers will have any girl feeling feminine […]

  • thong knickers

    Thong and G-String Knickers

    Thongs and g-strings don’t have to be just for the brave, thongs are a little more modest but both styles have very little coverage of the behind. Thongs and g-strings come in various styles and fabrics, they are often wore by younger women with more peachy bums however there is nothing to say you can’t […]

  • full brief knickers

    Brief Knickers

    Briefs are the big knickers you would think of associated with Bridget Jones! They are often made from cotton and are a very comfortable everyday brief. Briefs can rise to the belly button or sit just below it, they cover the whole of rear and have full sides. There are three different styles of briefs, […]