• body changes and pregnancy

    Body Changes and Pregnancy

    Finding out your pregnant can be one of the scariest but most exciting experiences of your life. You have so much to look forward to but at the same time have no idea what to expect but this is why this experience is so special and pleasurable. One of the most amazing experiences in life […]

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    Look and Feel Fabulous Pregnant

    One of the most frustrating things when shopping for maternity clothes is knowing that in a couple of month’s you’ll be back in your normal clothes and your maternity clothes will be thrown into the back of your wardrobe, so whilst your expecting why not Look and Feel Fabulous Pregnant. That’s why it is important […]

  • maternity fashion

    10 Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

    You are probably feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information that you have taken in about your maternity wardrobe. To make it easier listed below are some of the top ten tips for fashion conscious mums to be. You will now be able to find out exactly what every pregnant women needs in order […]